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Encouraged by the rising tide of retiring baby boomers and the desire of many empty nesters to simplify their lives in smaller spaces, relocation consultants for the 55+ crowd have become part of an emerging field: Senior Move Management (also known as senior relocation).

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ICANN Moving Company realizes that the adult children of aging parents have limited or no time to help with time-consuming tasks such as sorting, packing, moving and resettling. This may be due to full-time jobs, managing their own a affairs, or living great distances from the aging parents. Some seniors may be single or without children and don’t have help of any kind. This task can be overwhelming to tackle alone. Even when family help is available, emotions can run high, making the process delicate and difficult for all. ICANN Moving Company will simplify the senior moving process for both the adult children and aging loved ones.

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Anyone who has ever moved knows how stressful it can be. It’s particularly challenging for older adults and their families when it’s time to pack up a home of 30, 40, or 50 years and start over somewhere else. Fortunately, local small businesses all over the country are helping with this transition. A Senior Move Manager is a professional who specializes in assisting older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation and/or “aging in place.”

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ICANN Moving Company anticipates needs and can facilitate the entire transition process. We guide our clients’ decisions regarding what to take, what to leave or how to redirect it. Typically, a floor plan of the new space is drawn up so that the client can visualize what furniture will fit and where it will go. Transitioning to a smaller space often requires a bit of creativity and an imaginative approach. The crowning jewel of implementing ICANN Moving Company is the comfort of ‘turnkey’ living. The ICANN Moving Company team quickly sets up and organizes the new home just in time for their loved one to be Grand Prairie
d and walk right in!

ICANN Moving Company is here to help you move the people you love, not just their possessions. From state to state or maybe just across town, the goal of the ICANN Moving Company team is to perform the meaningful work of a successful transition of our clients with joyful results!

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As the older adult sorts through generations of belongings, the Senior Move Manager helps he or she decide what constitutes “treasure” and what is truly “trash.” The Senior Move Manager arranges for consignment, donations and gifts. SMMs will collaborate with movers and plan for storage (if necessary), set up the new household, and see that the old house is cleaned and ready to put on the market.

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Some senior move managers provide these services directly; others function in more of an oversight or management role. Senior Move Managers hold extensive, practical knowledge about the costs, quality and availability of local community resources. Additionally, Senior Move Managers frequently assist individuals who choose to stay in their own homes, but simply require expert organizational skills and solid knowledge of “aging in place” concepts to help them achieve their goal of not moving anywhere, but improving their quality of life!
For all of these reasons and many more, over 50,000 families and older adults have chosen a Senior Move Manager to help them with transitioning loved ones into new living situations.

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