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Angelina County Storage Movers

Long & Short Term Storage Movers
ICANN Moving Company is fully licensed and insured. We have a great reputation of quality service and taking the steps to prepare for, and prevent any problems with your move.

ICANN Moving Company: Storage Movers in Angelina County

ICANN Moving Company offers temporary and long term storage movers. We are also a great solution if you are moving items to or from a storage facility in the same or different state. We will properly wrap your goods so no exterior surface is exposed, this will ensure proper protection of your goods during the move and while in storage. Your goods should be out of sight out of mind while in storage. If you need temporary storage, long term storage, or delivery to or from a storage facility, let ICANN Moving Company properly prepare your goods and manage the storage mover process for you.

Save yourself the time and hassle of renting a truck to move goods on your own, and let our team of professionals prepare your items so they are fully protected while in storage.

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If you would like to pack your own items, purchase packing materials and boxes through ICANN Moving Company. Take the guess work out of how many rolls of packing tape to buy, save yourself multiple trips to the store and let us supply you with the right amount of packing supplies. It is important to use new boxes when you’re packing, because they will hold up much better during the move than old boxes that are being reused, minimizing the possibility of a tear in the box and/or the box being crushed. The better you prepare your goods for the trip, the more likely they are to arrive at your destination in the same condition. We are not questioning your own packing ability, but having your goods professionally packed by our team can save you time and eliminate any uncertainties.

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There are many good reasons to have your items packed by a ICANN Moving Company professional, we’ll give you the two most important ones. One, it will save you time. Our team of professionals is specially trained in packing procedures and has experience packing all types of items, they can get the job done right in less time than it would take you on your own, no matter how many friends you get to help, we’ll do it faster and more efficiently. Two, your goods will be better protected during the move. From dishes and china to picture frames and lamps, our team is trained in the techniques of packing specific items, which include dried flowers, tools, toys, and others.

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Our professionals know which packing materials and boxes should be used for each specific item, this makes a big difference in the protection of your goods. We also know the volume of how much goods should be packed inside each box. You may not think it makes much of a difference, but if you don’t pack enough items into each box, the box could be crushed by other items during the move. On the other hand if you pack the box too tightly, it could break open or items inside the box could be damaged. Why not avoid the guesswork of packing and let the ICANN Moving Company team pack your goods.

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We offer two types of packing: a full pack, packing all of the goods you plan to take with you and a partial pack, attending to only the items you want packed by us, the items you’re unsure of whether or not will break. We can also unpack your items at your destination, which will allow you to focus on hanging the family portraits and not worry about if the razor knife you used to unpack it accidentally sliced it in half. If you’re looking for a stress-free way to prepare for your move, and leave the ICANN Moving Company packing to us!

Angelina County Storage Movers
Angelina County Storage Movers
Angelina County Storage Movers