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Bastrop Storage Movers

Storage Services in Bastrop, TX
When you need a reliable storage moving company, contact The ICANN Moving Company. The company you hire is only as good as the crew that shows up at the door, and we’ll send you the best! We’ll move any space, including homes, business, safes, pianos, and special equipment. You can have us handle every aspect of your move, including the packing of your possessions! If you have items you want to keep but you don’t have room for them, ICANN Moving Company storage services has storage units to keep your items safe. We’re happy to provide the services and solutions our customers need for the quickest, most efficient and successful moves possible.

ICANN Moving Company: Storage Movers in Bastrop

We’re the experienced, highly recommended, and well-trained moving service that you need. We’ll make sure that your relocation is painless! The only way to make sure that your move goes right is to have it done by knowledgeable professionals. At The Apartment Movers, we have the skills and tools needed for an efficient, safe move. Your move will be handled by a professional, experienced, and courteous team. We’ll protect your building and possessions by using the best tools and materials, including top-quality padding blankets, door jamb protectors, and floor runners. To ensure that your move goes smoothly, you’ll get a pre-move meeting with one of our moving experts.

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During this meeting, we’ll inspect all of the items that need to be moved, and we will write down any special handling instructions that you need us to follow. This includes taking note of any fragile items that need special care. You deserve peace of mind throughout your move. That’s why we insure all of your personal possessions while they’re in our care.

Best Storage Movers in Bastrop, Texas

We’re now offering you many self-storage solutions. You can choose from a large selection of drive-up and interior units. The ICANN Moving Company offers secure storage spaces to keep your possessions protected. You can choose from our indoor and outdoor units of many sizes – the ceilings in all of our units are over 10 feet high! For your convenience, a management team is always on-site during business hours.

We treat your property with the utmost care, and we’ll gladly put our storage capabilities up against those of the big self-storage companies.

Bastrop Storage Movers Near Me

Moving is never as simple as putting your current items into your new location. Your new place has a different layout, style and size, which may not fit perfectly with some of your possessions. Storage is an excellent solution for those items that don’t fit but are still worth saving. Whether you need temporary or long-term storage in Bastrop, TX, ICANN Moving Company has an option to accommodate.

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The ICANN Moving Company is a locally owned and operated company that has been in business over a decade. Count on us for top-notch moving services. We also have superior storage solutions for your needs. You could hire a separate moving company and storage facility, but that is not as convenient as an all-in-one solution. You’re already busy thinking about the move and settling into your new home or office — you don’t need to correspond with two business on top of that. With ICANN Moving Company, you can focus on what matters and know that your belongings are safe and ready to access when you need them.

Bastrop Storage Movers
Bastrop Storage Movers
Bastrop Storage Movers