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Brownfield One-Piece Movers

One-Piece Moving
ICANN Moving Company specializes in all kinds of moves, including one-piece moves and handling of specialty, delicate items. We understand just how much your valuables mean to you, and we go the extra mile to provide secure, safe transport from one place to the next. Are you looking to move heavy, designer furniture? Perhaps it’s time to distribute valuable items from a family estate? Maybe you even need a hefty piece of artwork carefully brought to the auction house? Whatever your one-piece moving needs may be, ICANN Moving Company offers exceptional moving services for even the smallest, heaviest, or most delicate of moves. We also provide home staging, furniture rearranging, and furniture removal services.

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Let our team of friendly, professional one-piece movers help you get your antique collection, valuable item, or specialty furniture to its final destination with ease. Antiques come in all shapes and sizes, but luckily, we’ve had experience moving just about every kind. From valuable artifacts and ceramic works to grandfather clocks and china cabinets, we know how to cushion it and contain it for the safest of trips. We can work with you to develop creative crating solutions, such as honeycomb boxes or double corrugated containers to fit your specific needs and ensure your items are secure. We’ll also inquire about your home layout and the layout of your new destination so that we can plan strategically for any tight corners or small stairBrazoria County

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A large piece of artwork is an investment and can be invaluable. The last thing you would ever want to happen to your art is a scratch on the frame or a hole through the canvas. Our seasoned one-piece movers have worked with large paintings and small ceramic sculptures alike. We understand how to package, buffer, carry, and transport your artwork from Point A to Point B flawlessly.

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Whether you’ve just scored the perfect piece of designer furniture from an estate sale or looking to move your piece to its new home, ICANN Moving Company can help. No moving job is too big or too small for us. We’ll consider everything – humidity, temperature, home layout, cushioning needs – we prepare for it all. These determining factors will help us create the ideal container and transport format to prevent damage to your designer furniture.

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Sometimes your items only need to go as far as the other room or down the hall. While many moving services don’t offer one-piece moving services for such short distances, we understand that even the quickest moves sometimes need a helping hand. Our friendly team of one-piece movers is happy to help our clients stage a home or rearrange furniture for a new look.

ICANN Moving Company movers will make the one-piece moving process quick, easy, and painless. If you’re looking for temporary furniture storage, you can rest assured that all of your precious belongings are under the best care in our climate and temperature-controlled warehouse.

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Moving heavy, bulky items can be one of the hardest parts of one-piece moving. When you overestimate how much room you’ve got in the moving truck or how much weight you can lift on your own, that’s when accidents happen. Don’t run the risk of damaging something you hold dear. Some items, such as pianos, require more than technicians to help with heavy items—they require specialised expertise. Leave it to our moving experts to wrap, package, move, and deliver your heavy items. We have the appropriate collection of tools and resources to ensure any item, no matter how heavy, gets the proper support it needs as it makes the journey to its new home.

Brownfield One-Piece Movers
Brownfield One-Piece Movers
Brownfield One-Piece Movers