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A gun safe is an integral part of moving any type of firearm. Properly moving your gun safe from your home to a new location or from a truck to a storage area takes preparation and planning. Gun safes can be extremely valuable as they not only protect firearms but also personal property. Moving a gun safe with the right tools for the job is essential.

With proper tools including dollies, tie downs and ratchet straps; moving your gun safe safely into or outside your home without damage or injury. You will need to determine how to transport your gun safe to your new location. If you are shipping a gun safe, most moving companies have special trucks designed for transporting large firearms. For residential moving, you can either use a standard moving truck or trailer, or if you prefer, use one of many quality moving products on the market including “green” moving materials.

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If you are shipping a gun safe, there are several important gun safe moving tips to follow. First, you should always use a licensed moving company. Licensed movers are experienced in transporting both guns and firearms safe and will be able to advise you about the best way to move your belongings safely. They will also ensure that no states restrictions prevent them from keeping your firearm in the new location. Most gun safe companies charge reasonable moving rates. This is much less than the fees some insurance companies may charge for removing a firearm from your home.

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Most gun safe companies provide insurance for their moving products. This will cover any damages to your belongings during the move. It will also cover any accidental damage to your belongings during the move. To save money, you can always pay the insurance premiums ahead of time so that the company will settle the claim with the insurance carrier instead of you paying it upfront. This way you never need to worry about an accident taking place when loading or unloading your belongings, which can be very costly.

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There are several additional gun safe moving tips to follow to make sure that your belongings move smoothly. One of the most important points to remember is to make sure all of your furniture is covered by at least blanket or floor covering. You do not want to have to lug heavy furniture up or down the stairs when people are walking up or down the stairs to retrieve their items. Some safes will provide railings on the stairs that you can place over top of the carpeting to provide extra protection. This railings can easily be pulled down for storage or moved to another room when people are done with what they were moving. Again, this saves you time and makes your apartment or house more comfortable.

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If you have items such as electronics in the home, consider contacting a safe company to install a gun safe on your high end computer server. Although you may think it is a great idea to keep your computer in a location that cannot be accessed by children, keep in mind that a child can quickly discover the hiding spot of your most valuable electronic equipment. By installing a safe electronic storage device, you will protect from theft but will also prevent the theft of your other expensive electronics such as televisions and music systems.

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Ask your trusted local moving company to offer a gun safe moving service. If the movers only offer guns that are already mounted on the trucks, such as on the top of the bed, they should know how to move them safely, especially if you have special needs such as rounded corners on the storage device. The professionals will know how to put the safe in the truck while having it safely secured. The moving company can then drive the unit out to your location and you can take it home afterwards.

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If you live on a private road, you may need to call a tow truck to help you with the move. However, most of these types of mobile safes are secure enough to be driven alone. Before taking your gun safe to the storage lot, check its location through the device’s GPS. This will help you find it even if you forget where you placed it. To avoid additional charges, consider paying a small fee to have the company come to move it for you. Gun safe moving tips may seem simple, but securing the items properly can ensure its proper storage for years to come.

Brushy Creek Gun Safe Moving
Brushy Creek Gun Safe Moving
Brushy Creek Gun Safe Moving