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Senior Moving Advice: Contact at least two senior moving companies to compare rates. Get each company’s strongest feature to choose the right one for your situation, such as a larger vehicle option, wheelchair lift or a combination of different modes of transportation. Calculate your new space to see if you really need to downsize. Here’s What You Should Know about Senior Moving and Packaging.

Senior and disabled individuals are very sensitive to the change in their routine when moving into a new home. They must be able to adapt to the new environment immediately and must not be turned away from the new home due to lack of accessible mode of transportation. There are many ways to make your transition into your new home easier.

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Contact a professional moving crew to pack your belongings in advance of moving day. Look for a team that includes experienced packers with appropriate skill sets. Hire a moving crew that includes people who can provide assistance with such items as getting under beds, cradles and wheelchair access areas. Ask for a quote to have an experienced and thorough pack and remove team bring your furniture, appliances and other belongings to your new home.

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Contact a local senior moving service to complete an on-site post move evaluation. The service should identify all of your concerns and provide you with options to address them. When you meet with the team, you’ll review all aspects of your belongings to identify what needs to be moved and in what order. A local service will have a checklist to go over all items to be moved and the price range to determine how much the job will cost.

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Hire a moving company or professional staff to provide basic cleaning and maintenance services. You’ll want to minimize disruption to your senior moves when possible. This includes scheduling service with a reputable service. Keep in mind that this type of move can affect your credit rating. A potential new landlord or other recipients will not rent to someone with poor credit. Make sure the moving service you choose provides basic cleaning and maintenance services.

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Ask friends and family members about the type of help they use when they move. A good way to find out is to ask if they use a local senior moving consultant or if they hired one. Referrals can be a valuable tool when trying to save money and time during a big move. In addition, ask family members if they have experience with any local senior moving consultants or if they know of any professionals in your area with experience with seniors. Contacting several local movers shows that you have already narrowed down your list of potential service providers.

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Look into the background of any professional service you are considering. Do not hire anyone without first checking their references. Many certified senior moving consultants provide free moving quotes to potential customers. If you do not have a list of references, call each company and speak with a representative. The representative should be happy to provide you with referrals from their past customers.

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Be sure that the local movers you are considering follow all regulations and federal guidelines for proper certification. It is also a good idea to find out if they are insured. Insurance will help protect the moving company and you as the consumer. If a professional service is not insured, you will be responsible for any items lost during a move. Be sure to contact an insurance provider before making a final decision on which moving company to hire for your next move.

Driftwood Senior Moving
Driftwood Senior Moving
Driftwood Senior Moving