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Fort Stockton Long-Distance Movers

Long Distance Movers
If you’re moving to another state, or to a new home that’s more than 100 miles, it is defined as a long distance move. A move of this scope can be challenging and will take a good amount of planning on your end.

ICANN Moving Company: Long-Distance Movers in Fort Stockton

What is considered a long distance move?
Where a local move must be an intrastate move of less than 50-100 miles between your current and new home, a long distance move has a much broader definition:
• The origin and destination of the move are in separate states.
• Both locations are within the same state but are over 50-100 miles apart from one another.
How much does a long distance move cost?
The final cost of a long distance move can vary considerably. After all, a 200-mile move and a 2,000-mile move are both considered long distance. The cost of a long distance move is typically based on these primary factors:
• Weight
• Distance
• Additional services (packing, disassembly/reassembly, etc.)
You also need to factor in expenses you might incur when traveling to your new home, such as:
• If driving, gas and tolls
• If flying, plane tickets
• Motel or lodging
• Temporary storage

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To ensure you are getting a fair and accurate estimate from a potential long distance mover, follow these tips:
1. Idea Give the mover a better of what you need transported with this moving estimate cost calculator It will also help keep you organized.
2. To give the mover a better idea of what needs to be moved, request an in-home inspection. Seeing the layout of your home will also help the movers, to see if any special equipment is necessary.
3. Ask if any additional moving materials or services are needed before moving day, so your movers are prepared and you’re not caught off guard by any last-minute or hidden charges.

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Why should I hire ICANN Moving Company long distance movers?
Unlike a local move, you are more likely to need the services of a professional long distance moving company. Friends and family can help you pack, but might be unwilling to travel the distance to your new home and back.

Fort Stockton Long-Distance Movers Near Me

These industry experts will do the heavy lifting with ease and protect all your belongings, no matter the size or value, from any damage.

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ICANN Moving Company long distance movers come to your door prepared with the materials, equipment, and transportation to move you in a timely and efficient manner.

When weighing the options between hiring full-service long distance movers, or doing the move yourself, consider that the moving company will take care of:
• Boxes and proper packing materials
• Packing your belongings securely
• Moving your furniture and moving boxes from your house
• Loading your furniture and moving boxes onto a moving truck or van
• Driving your belongings to your destination
• Unloading your furniture and boxes from the moving truck
• Carrying all of your belongings into your new home
• Assembling furniture in your new home
• Unpacking and arranging your belongings where they need to be
Are you preparing for a long distance move? Get free estimates from licensed and insured moving company – ICANN Moving Company.

Fort Stockton Long-Distance Movers
Fort Stockton Long-Distance Movers
Fort Stockton Long-Distance Movers