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It is never an easy task relocating your refrigerator. But it can be done with the right tools and a little preparation. Best moving company in or close to Rio Grande Valley TX!

Check Refrigerator Moving Equipment List First! Check for damage on the inside walls of the refrigerator. Many movers will cover up the damage with some kind of a plastic shield that is glued to the back of the refrigerator. But it is important to know what is covered and what is not. The refrigerator is full of coolant (you need lots of coolant to keep it working properly) and other fluids and should be moved out completely, even if the door says it can be opened. Check all moving equipment and instruments.

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Identify Your Appliance Dolly (or moving cart) How to move a refrigerator with your hands? If the moving company has a moving cart, identify the wheels and determine how large it needs to be. Be very careful with fragile kitchen appliances – they can break very easily. You can use the manufacturer’s manual or get a book on moving appliances to know how to move a refrigerator.

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Identify All Items Moving to the Kitchen Appliance Room: As you are relocating your refrigerator you should also know which items will need to be moved as well. The movers you hire should have a complete list of everything. Some of these items will be heavy and need special equipment. Other small items may be moved with ease by one or two professional movers. Once you know what items you need to move, see if there is a list of them, or if you will have to make the lists yourself. If so, print them out, or get an assistant to take pictures as you go.

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Decide Whether To Defrost Or Allow The Refrigerator To Freezers To defrost: This is a very important decision because it affects the quality and safety of the moving process. Refrigerators must be defrosted before moving. If this is not done correctly, the frozen food could collapse and injure anyone. If a professional moving company does not allow the defrosting of the refrigerator, it might affect the quality of the rest of the moving process. Again, do not attempt to defrost the refrigerator unless you are being assured it can be done properly by the moving company.

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Decide On Which Door To Use: If the new home has already been built, the movers will probably want to start on the upper level. If the home is a pre-built home, the movers will want to start on the bottom floor. Again, this might make sure that the doors do not clash with the floor coverings of the new home. In either situation, it is always a good idea to let the moving company know exactly which door to use.

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Step 5 – Appliance Upgrades: This is the final, and most difficult step. If upgrading the refrigerator means breaking the appliance down to the frame and then rebuilding it from scratch, it will likely be a long and difficult process. If replacing an appliance means buying or renting a new one, this step cannot be overlooked. Again, when moving to a new home, remember that appliances cost money and replacing them can add to the bill when they are due for replacement. In some cases, however, when an appliance has been replaced or repaired, the moving company will give a rebate for the price paid for the appliance. This final step in refrigerator moving should be taken when all else fails.

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As you can see, there are many details that need to be considered before a refrigerator move takes place. When moving day arrives, be prepared and ready for a full day of tinkering. Even the most experienced movers will have a tough time getting this move right, so it pays to be organized well in advance. Have the moving company list each item in the moving truck, and be sure that you have a list of the items to be moved, as well as their locations. Get yourself well prepared, pack up your belongings, and let the professionals do the hard work.

Georgetown Refrigerator Moving
Georgetown Refrigerator Moving
Georgetown Refrigerator Moving