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Harker Heights Long-Distance Movers

Harker Heights, TX Long-Distance Movers
When you’re packing up your entire home or office, moving 5 minutes down the road can feel like a long-distance trip. As one of the leading Texas long-distance movers, we’re here to help you define what is a long-distance move, what you need to do to prepare for a long-distance move, and how ICANN Moving Company can help.

ICANN Moving Company: Long-Distance Movers in Harker Heights

What is a Long-Distance Move ?
The distance of what qualifies as a “long-distance move” may vary from company to company. Typically, companies will categorize moving 50 miles or more as a long-distance move. A long-distance move can also qualify as an “interstate move,” meaning you’re moving from one part of Texas to the other. The way our relocation experts work with you on a long-distance move may vary from the standard procedure for short distance moves.

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With our long-distance moving services , a relocation consultant will still come on-site and work with you to ensure your move goes smoothly. The only differences you may find are in the amount of labor involved, the number of services, and financing. ICANN Moving Company can handle any size relocation project whether you’re moving out-of-state or close to home.

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How Do I Prepare for a Long-Distance Move?
As a member of the American Moving and Storage Association, our best advice tends to align with the organizations. Broken down to its simplest process, the key things to consider in a long-distance move are:
•Know where you’re going
•Know when you’re moving
•Know the long-distance moving company you’re working with
•Develop a timeline for cleaning, packing, and labeling

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The rules above are universal for residential and commercial long-distance moves. In the case of a commercial move, however, you need to make sure you keep employees informed and on schedule.

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How We Can Help
Some companies aren’t equipped to handle a long-distance move and may refer you to another company. At ICANN Moving Company, we can confidently say we are Harker Heights Texas’s leading long-distance movers, whether it’ a commercial or residential relocation.

We also offer a wide array of services to make your move as smooth as possible. Call today to learn about our moving, packing, assembling, and storage services!

Harker Heights Long-Distance Movers
Harker Heights Long-Distance Movers
Harker Heights Long-Distance Movers