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Hutto Labor Movers

If you are moving to another home or just need something moved close-by, you can rely on ICANN Moving Company and our LABOR ONLY Services. A lot of people think that moving is a hard and time-consuming process. While this can certainly be true, if you hire a moving company to do the hauling for you, then you can focus on the fun parts. Moving to a new house or apartment signifies a new change in your life so you should embrace it! To ensure everything goes smoothly when you move, here we answer some frequently asked questions about the moving process:

ICANN Moving Company: Labor Movers in Hutto

When is the best time to move?
If you have the luxury of being able to choose when you can move, consider choosing the off-season during fall or winter. A lot of people decide to move come the summer season and because of this, moving services can be much more expensive. Plus, no one likes carrying heavy boxes in the sweltering heat!

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How will I know what kind of moving service I should get?
The answer to this question all depends on where and how far away you are moving. If you are simply moving across town, all you’ll need is a local moving service. But if you’re moving a longer distance like across state or across the country, a long-distance moving company is your best bet as they will have all the tools and services, you’ll need for a move that can take days. At ICANN Moving Company, we offer both long distances moving and LABOR ONLY Services.

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How will I know how much moving will cost me?
Here at ICANN Moving Company, we can give you a free estimate when you call. All you have to do is explain where you are moving, how big your home is, whether you want packing services, how quickly you need to relocate, and provide other pertinent details. While we can do an estimate over the phone, it can help to have us visit to take a look ourselves or send photographs!
What is a relocation specialist?
A relocation specialist is someone who will come to your home and take a survey of all the items that need to be moved. They will look at what you have — anything from bed frames to tools and clothing– and come up with an estimated weight and the corresponding costs to pack, ship, and deliver your items to your new home. Most moving companies use one of these specialists, and it is common to not know an exact quote of how much you’re moving cost really will be until they have visited your home in person.

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What is a bill of lading and why is it important?
A bill of lading is incredibly important during the moving process. It is the overall receipt of your goods and the contract you sign with your mover to transport your items. You should receive this as soon as your mover comes and prepares your shipment, and it also covers the movers from any liability. Think of this bill of lading as a contract and you shouldn’t complete your move without it.

At ICANN Moving Company, we believe in being as transparent as possible when it comes to billing and the contract, whether you hire us for a long-distance move, short distance move, junk removal, LABOR ONLY Services, or something else!

Will my items be protected if they are damaged during travels?
Yes, you will be covered when it comes to damages up to a specific amount. You will determine this amount before you pay for your services, and this will be included in your bill of lading. You don’t have to worry about a stressful moving when working with our company. Get the process started by calling our office today.

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What is “labor only” services?
Sometimes you need to rearrange things around the house or lend furniture to the family next door. This is exactly what our LABOR ONLY service is designed for.
Without the need for a truck, we can provide the same quality of service at a reduced rate and get even the simplest of moves done the right way.
What is loading/unloading truck services?
We like to give you options. Let’s say you want to rent your own trucks but don’t want to do the heavy lifting during the load and unload. Or, if you are having a pod or other storage device being delivered to your home, we can provide prompt service to load or unload your belongings for you. No matter what the scenario, we’ve got you covered! Our LOAD/UNLOAD options let you provide the transportation while we do the work. No matter how small or big the job, our #1 priority is YOU. Moving within the same building? We can help you here, too!
Don’t hesitate to reach out to ICANN Moving Company today to find out more about the various types of moving assistance we offer, such as LABOR ONLY Services!

Hutto Labor Movers
Hutto Labor Movers
Hutto Labor Movers