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Killeen Piano Movers

We may have grown into national movers, but we’ve maintained our small business, hometown values.

ICANN Moving Company: Piano Movers in Killeen

At ICANN Moving Company, We Believe:
• Customer service always comes first – always.
• Everyone deserves first-class moving services.
• If it matters to you, it matters to us.
• In giving it our all with every move, because we’re there to work.
• Communication should be clear every step of the way.
• Our job is to make moving less stressful & more fun.
• No move is small. Every move is a big deal for our client.
• It’s important to be do-no-harm movers.
• In giving back to the community.
• We should minimize environmental impact whenever possible.

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Our core values are simple: honesty, courtesy, and hard work. We believe a successful moving experience can be defined by those three words.

Honesty — we think this may be the most crucial of the three core values. You are inviting us into your life and home. Honesty must come first.
Courtesy — we have the distinct privilege of serving you and your family. We think a warm smile and a “yes ma’am” goes a long way.
Excellence — we firmly believe that everything we do should be done at the highest level of quality. We expect the very best from our herd, and you should too.
Hard Work — Last but certainly not least! No one sings our guys to sleep at night. That armoire you had us move does the trick nicely. We fully expect to earn your trust by working hard from start to finish.

Best Piano Movers in Killeen, Texas

We understand that our clients deserve peace of mind. That’s why we provide proof of insurance to every client we serve. We cover all four major areas. General liability, auto liability, cargo liability, and workman’s comp. Furthermore, we want to ensure our clients have a full understanding of what valuation is and how it works.

Killeen Piano Movers Near Me

Think of piano moving as an art within the Art of Moving. Few things are more precarious than a baby grand on a staircase. Killeen, TX is full of musicians, and classic pianos are a common enough household item. (We don’t move grand pianos. Contact us to for information on piano sizes we move.)
Our experienced staff takes every conceivable precaution before moving a piano. We plan the move before we even touch the instrument, measuring everything with care so as not to encounter any unforeseen obstacles along the way, and that includes wrapping stairs and sharp corners. We understand that tuning and repairs to pianos are expensive, so we don’t mess around.

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Also, we do have insurance in the extremely unlikely event of an accident. Remember though, that the Art of Moving means we are prepared for everything. Leave your precious cargo in the hands of the true Killeen, TX piano movers.
Oh, and yes, we can move standing harps, didgeridoos, tubas, bagpipes, etc.
Piano, fine art & Pool Table moving
When you have a large or fragile item to move, you can trust ICANN Moving Company to get it properly packed up. Pianos, pool tables and fine art require trained professionals that know how to handle valuable pieces throughout the move. We can safely break larger items down, pack them up, and reassemble at your new location.
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Killeen Piano Movers
Killeen Piano Movers
Killeen Piano Movers