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Moving an appliance such as a refrigerator or freezer is never easy, especially when it’s moving from one place to another. However, with a little preparation, it can be done easily and safely. Refrigerator moving companies know how to move a refrigerator because that appliance is often one of the larger appliances in the home. Refrigerator moving companies have special cranes and dollies that are designed to move a large refrigerator efficiently and safely.

When choosing a refrigerator moving company, ask whether the company will use a crane or dolly equipment for your move. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Crane and dolly equipment can damage your refrigerator if the wheels aren’t turned correctly. However, cranes can also damage appliances because they may not be strong enough to handle the weight. Using cranes or dollies, on the other hand, will ensure that damage to your refrigerator won’t be possible.

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Another way to ensure damage prevention is by using baking soda to cool off your appliance. Baking soda absorbs heat and therefore can drastically slow down the rate at which an appliance cools off. For example, it can take two hours for a refrigerator to reach room Kylerature after placing the cooling appliance in a hot oven or on a hot grill. By defrosting the refrigerator using baking soda, you can cut down on the time it takes to cool down the appliance.

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Before the day of the move, be sure that all of the parts are ready for the move. First, remove all of the shelves from the refrigerator and then disassemble it inside out. Note the direction of all screws and tighten all fasteners, including the brackets and tie-downs. It’s important that you follow the instructions that come with the appliance. Next, remove all of the interior doors from the refrigerator and disassemble it on top of the floor in the area where the doors will be moving. Note the direction of all screws and tighten all fasteners, including the brackets and tie downs.

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If the refrigerator moving companies are not coming in on the day of the move, it’s likely that the old style door won’t work anymore. In most cases, this is due to damage to the spring mechanism. For this reason, it may be necessary to replace the door with a new one or have it repaired by professionals. In many cases, however, replacing the door is not only the best way to protect your appliances, but it’s also the most affordable option.

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As mentioned earlier, one of the most important steps to take before a refrigerator move is to make sure that the moving company you choose has the appropriate equipment. Refrigerator moving companies will usually have special trucks equipped to handle large appliances, but it’s important to know what kind of moving supplies they use. For instance, some will provide ropes and dollies for securing the appliances to the ground. Others may even use specialized equipment that crushes the walls so that the door doesn’t get damaged. Moving services that make use of cranes should be avoided, as they can damage your appliances. Instead, look for moving companies that use vans equipped with cranes.

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One thing to remember when getting moving boxes and supplies is that you don’t want anything other than the largest size possible. Refrigerator movers should provide boxes big enough to accommodate all of your frozen goods, but make sure that they are also packed properly. Even if you only purchase a few small items, the moving box should still be tightly sealed and safe. Wrap the larger items in layers, starting with the smallest items first. If you do not do this, air will be able to leak out and damage the other items.

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Of course, moving the refrigerator isn’t the only reason to contact a professional. If you live in an old house, there could be hidden damage underneath the refrigerator door that you didn’t see before. Moving movers are experienced at dealing with this type of issue, and they will ensure that you don’t have to worry about property damage during your move. A professional will be able to protect your appliances while you prepare for your new home.

Kyle Refrigerator Moving
Kyle Refrigerator Moving
Kyle Refrigerator Moving