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Moving day can bring a lot of anxiousness into our lives, especially when there is a large family in the home to pack. Moving your refrigerator can be one of those things that can cause stress if you don’t make it through the process smoothly. With a little planning and preparation you can move your refrigerator in a breeze. Here are some tips on moving a refrigerator by yourself, or with the help of movers.

* Move the appliance dolly – If you do not already own a moving company, they may not have a large enough dolly to fit your refrigerator. A small refrigerator dolly comes in handy for moving just about anything. The small size will allow for a lot more movement than if you were to use a large flatbed moving dolly. Call your moving company or pick up the telephone and ask for a small refrigerator dolly.

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* Unplug all connections – Now that your electric supply has been turned off and your gas tank is empty the only thing left to do is unplug all your electrical connections from the wall outlet and move the appliance dolly in a horizontal position across the floor. If there are any coolant lines remaining, you will want to place a few large sheets of plywood under the hot water heater to prevent damage to the pump, the lines and the hot water lines. Now you can begin the moving process. As you slowly pull the refrigerator out of the horizontal position place the dolly beneath the hot water heater and unbolt the cooling lines from the wall. Once you have the dolly in place underneath the water heater simply unhook the air conditioner condensers and move them to a safe location on your driveway.

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*Step 2 – Once your fridge is in the desired location you will need to disassemble it. The first thing you will want to do is remove the cooling unit and doors from the walls. Next take out the water pump and the power transformer. The wires and belts are next and you should take great care not to damage them while removing them. Remember, this is the first time you will be tackling a refrigerator moving job and there are some very important steps you must follow so you don’t damage anything.

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*Step 3 – The third and final step on how to move a refrigerator with movers is lifting the refrigerator out of the ground by using the hoist. Once it is up you simply place the dolly underneath it and lift off the hoist. This should remove the legs completely and you will then be ready to unhook the air conditioner cables from the walls. The doors and cooling units will come down after the dolly and air ducts have been removed.

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The last two steps in how to move a refrigerator with movers involve preparing all the pieces by placing them on top of one another and then covering them with the furniture blankets. Place all items that are not moving in an empty box and then secure the top with the furniture blankets. Make sure that you close all the doors and windows before lifting the appliance dolly and placing it on top of the other items. You will need a secure base for the appliance dolly so place the box on top of a chair, table or wardrobe.

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Refrigerator moving can be a little bit tricky but if you follow the correct procedures it can be done safely. Refrigerator moving companies are specially trained in how to move these types of appliances safely and effectively. If you are unsure about how to proceed with these types of moves consult a professional moving company. They will be able to give you the best tips and instructions.

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Refrigerator moving is a time consuming and tiring job requiring a lot of preparation and hard work. Before hiring movers, make sure you have checked the internet and found a ICANN Moving Company. You will need to find the right dolly that is strong enough to handle the weight and the large size of your appliance. It is essential to keep in mind the steps on how to move a refrigerator with movers to avoid any mishaps. This article has given you a brief overview of how to move a refrigerator with movers.

Pflugerville Refrigerator Moving
Pflugerville Refrigerator Moving
Pflugerville Refrigerator Moving