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Taking large pieces of furniture on a long-distance move – is it worth it?

ICANN Moving Company: One-Piece Movers in Portland

Could you think of anything more heartbreaking than seeing your favorite piece of furniture getting scratched or breaking while you’re moving from Texas to another state? People treasure their heirlooms because of their worth and all the stories they usually carry. But is it worth taking large pieces of furniture on a long-distance move? Is it wiser to haul the weight or buy everything new? Especially when it comes to heavy and difficult to move items, such as bulky furniture? In order to make the right decision, we will help you. Let’s carefully weigh the pros and cons of moving one-piece cumbersome items together.

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Weighing the pros and cons of hauling large pieces of furniture on a long-distance move
As with many aspects of moving, you’ll find no definite answer. This has to be a personal decision. It will depend on a number of complex factors. Even if you want a brand-new life, still, selling everything and buying new furnishings after the move can be too expensive for you. Or simply too time- and effort-consuming. On the other hand, even if you wish to keep your old furniture, it may not fit into your new home. Or maybe too costly to relocate, etc.

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But we have some hacks and solutions for moving one-piece furniture. We just want to be sure it arrives at your new home safely.

Hire ICANN Moving Company as a guide for taking inventory. But also, for labeling, wrapping and protecting your beautiful pieces to be completely ready for the road ahead.

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Consider your old furniture’s practical value
For one, the sentimental value of a piece could be the primary factor in your decision whether you’ll be taking once-piece of furniture on a long-distance move , or not. If you have designer pieces and or particularly comfortable furniture that suits your needs perfectly, you should most certainly try to keep it and take it to your new place. If your old couch is don’t align with your aesthetic preferences and is really worn-out, you will probably buy a new one for your new home.

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So, to make your final decision whether or not you’ll be taking large pieces of furniture on a long-distance move, just answer the following crucial questions:
•Is your old furniture functional and comfortable?
•Is high quality and durable? Are your pieces still in good overall condition?
•Does your old furniture fit your new home’s layout? Make sure you measure the doors and the available space in your new home. Remember you can contact us to do the same for your furniture, in order to make sure that taking large pieces of furniture on a long distance move really makes sense.

Portland One-Piece Movers
Portland One-Piece Movers
Portland One-Piece Movers