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Refrigerator moving can be one of the most difficult kitchen tasks you will ever have to do. Refrigerators are large and heavy and you need to have a very strong moving arm and sturdy wheels to move them. It’s not a good idea to try to move a refrigerator by yourself if you have never done it before. If you are moving a large refrigerator, it is a good idea to have a professional moving service help you out.

The first step in how to move a refrigerator is to unplug it. Usually this can be as easy as unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet. Next, you will need to get into the back of the appliance. Typically the door handle will do this for you. The refrigerator is fairly easy to get into but sometimes it has more features that you may not need. You can look at the back to see what features it has that will help you with this step.

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One of the main issues with refrigerator moving is defrosting. If the door is left open while the moving machine removes the contents of the fridge, you will find that it will still not defrost properly. This is because the refrigerator is full and hot and the baking soda and moisture are preventing it from thawing properly. You need to add at least two hours in cold water, a half hour in water and baking soda, then the door closed to defrost the appliance.

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The second step on how to move a refrigerator is to remove the contents. You can find some very valuable items in this fridge which you will not want to lose. Some of the most important items include the following: silverware, dishes, pots, pans, silverware crockery, glasses, silver coins, important documents, photographs and more. These items should be moved as soon as possible to avoid property damage.

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The third step is to disassemble all of these items and place them inside of moving boxes that have been supplied by the refrigerator movers. You will need to wrap these items tightly so that they do not warp during the move. This will also help to protect the contents from any of the moving boxes that might get damaged during the move. When you pack this material up you need to make sure that it is completely covered with packing tape and plastic wrap.

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The fourth step on how to move a refrigerator is to wrap the interior of the box with packaging tape and a label. You will then tie the interior of the box up with ribbon or string. Do not wrap the exterior of this box. Once all of these steps have been completed it is time to wrap the moving box in large plastic trash bags. This is to protect any of the contents of the box during the move.

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The fifth and final step on the refrigerator moving task is to remove the tape from the top of the refrigerator and attached ribbon. This is so the movers can get a good view of the contents. You will also remove the wrapping on the door and any tags attached to it. All of this will allow the movers to get a good view of all of the contents of the box and what is in it.

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As you can see there are many ways that you can go about a refrigerator moving task. Refrigerator moving companies are available to help move any type of refrigerator. The refrigerators can be large refrigerators that have cooling systems or they can be small fridges that are just for food. Refrigerator moving services are very affordable. If you are moving a lot of stuff then hiring professional movers is an excellent idea.

Round Rock Refrigerator Moving
Round Rock Refrigerator Moving
Round Rock Refrigerator Moving