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Piano Movers: Handling the Tough Stuff
Friends don’t ask friends to help them move pianos. Just don’t do it. Hire professional San Angelo piano movers . Not only does no one want to help you move such a large and awkward piece of musical furniture, it’s also extremely dangerous because someone can easily lose a finger or toe or at the very least throw out their back.

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The smart thing to do is call a professional piano mover . It won’t be free but it will be done right. No broken backs, no cursing, and definitely no damage to your piano and surrounding walls!

Moving is hard enough; moving your piano adds a whole different dimension to the process. Piano moving ups the game a notch, which is why you need to get it done right. Call ICANN Moving Company to handle all your San Angelo piano moving needs in one place.

By extension, we also move any other large and cumbersome pieces of furniture or instrumentation you may have. We are proud of our customized solutions, giving you the flexibility to handle other parts of your move rather than worry about your piano.

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Why We are the Experts
Moving a piano isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when it involves a baby grand or several flights of stairs. Here are some sobering stats for you: the average upright piano weighs between 300 and 500 pounds, a grand piano weighs up to 1,200 pounds, and a concert piano weighs upwards of 1,300 pounds. Can you and your buddies handle that without someone getting hurt? OR your piano and all its parts getting damaged? We didn’t think so.
When moved by a professional, a piano move only takes two people. When there are many stairs and awkward spaces involved, we may have to put another person on the job. A professional:

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Knows how to disassemble a grand piano, transport it, and put it back together again.
Comes equipped with skids, dollies, tools, straps, and pads to make the job efficient and safe. They also bring special boards that can move hundreds of pounds across a floor without inflicting damage.
Understand the incredible sentimental and monetary value of your piano and will therefore take painstaking efforts to move it with care.
Prepping for the Move
There are steps you can take before we arrive on site to prepare your piano for the move.
Wait to get it tuned until after it is in your new place. That’s because too many adjustments can happen along the way, despite how careful the movers are. Not only do keys get jostled, the piano itself can be subjected to temperature extremes that can adversely affect the inner workings of the piano.
Think about the route you want your movers to take, moving all furniture, loose rugs, ottomans and anything else that can get in their path.

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Do your best to protect the areas of your home that are particularly vulnerable, such as freshly painted walls, wall hangings and flooring. Let your movers know when they get there that those areas should be treated with special care.
Remove any accessories on the piano beforehand, such as casters.
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Our San Angelo piano movers can help you. If you have a piano that needs moving, whether you want just that one service or you need it moved as part of a full-service residential relocation.

San Angelo Piano Movers
San Angelo Piano Movers
San Angelo Piano Movers