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Webb County Business Movers


ICANN Moving Company: Business Movers in Webb County

There are lots of great reasons to relocate your business. Perhaps you started with a small office space and need to expand, or maybe you’ve decided to move to a more central location. Whatever the reason for your business’ relocation , moving an office can pose lots of challenges. For most business owners, the most important part of moving is ensuring minimal downtime. We understand that maintaining a functional business is crucial to your bottom line.

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At ICANN Moving Company, our goal is to relieve you of the burden of moving day, so you can focus on running the business and keeping your customers happy.

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We offer the following services to make relocating your business straightforward and efficient :
• Moving Office Equipment: From electronics, computers, and other IT equipment to exam tables, filing cabinets, and more, your equipment is likely one of your company’s largest investments. As veteran office equipment movers, our team has the know-how to move your equipment carefully, even if that means devising a customized crating or packing solution.
• Furniture Moving and Installation: Bulky office furniture like cubicles, desks, chairs, conference tables, and workstations pose some of the biggest challenges to moving a business. Our team has the proper office moving equipment to ensure your furniture makes the move in one piece. We’ll work to disassemble and pack each piece, then reinstall and arrange items at your new location according to the pre-determined floorplan.

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• Corporate Moving Services: A great corporate relocation experience is key to ensuring that an employee transitions to his or her new role smoothly. We started as a residential moving company, so helping households move is something we do well. Whether you’re relocating a key employee or your entire team, we provide affordable employee moving services to make the adjustment easy on your biggest asset – your people!
• Warehousing and Storage: Need short- or long-term storage during a business move or office renovation? No problem! ICANN Moving Company provides commercial warehouse storage services to safely and securely store your documents, excess inventory, office furniture, and more until you’re ready for them.
• Office Decommissioning: Most commercial lease agreements require tenants to restore the space to its original condition upon move out, which entails clearing the office of all furniture, cables, and equipment. Removing computers, racks, and unwanted furniture that isn’t making the move may be more of an undertaking than you might expect. ICANN Moving Company will work with you to properly decommission your office, helping you donate or liquidate unwanted furniture, throwing away trash, and doing a final sweep before you hand over the keys.

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• Packing: Imperative for protecting items in transit, proper packing also expedites setting up the new office space. We provide labeling systems and crates for your employees, along with packing tips. Additionally, our movers will pack, pad, and wrap larger items like furniture and equipment, even custom-crating electronics, TVs, and other delicate items.
• Local Moves: Whether your move takes your business up a few floors or to new retail space on the other side of town, local movers at one of our ten locations nationwide are here to make your relocation a success.
• Long-Distance: Relocating your office to another city or state? As licensed interstate movers, we’re here to ensure your move goes smoothly, even if your business is transitioning hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Webb County Business Movers
Webb County Business Movers
Webb County Business Movers