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Wharton Piano Movers

At ICANN Moving Company we recognize that the relationship a person has with their piano is different than any other. Historically, a piano was the single largest purchase a family made, other than their house. A piano is not only a valuable piece of furniture, but one that engenders memories, emotions, and attachments through the music and events associated with it.

ICANN Moving Company: Piano Movers in Wharton

Often, we move pianos that have less monetary value than the cost of the move , simply because the customers care about it. In many cases, a piano provides a multi-generational tie or continuity in its’ family history.

At ICANN Moving Company we pride ourselves on specializing in safe and cost efficient commercial, private, institutional piano transport, retail piano home delivery and piano storage for all acoustic pianos (antique, player pianos, or other keyboard instruments). Our Local coverage area includes the entire Wharton, TX.

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Piano moving is a complicated and technical task which demands a great deal of human strength and dedication to the art of transporting the value, beauty and essence of a piano. All acoustic pianos are made from different selections of wood, therefore each instrument is “one of a kind” and cannot be replaced if damaged – we appreciate and accept that responsibility. We understand the invested and sentimental value of your piano and always treat it like our own.

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We are movers who specialize in piano move and relocations. We are members of the American Moving and Storage Association, a professional organization, which sets standards and provides training and references throughout the moving industry. We have been in business for over 30 years, have moved thousands of pianos, and have never had an insurance claim for damage to a piano. We promise in making sure that your piano arrives in the same state that it was picked up in. We operate on direct line scheduling. This means, the truck and men that pick up the piano will be the same truck and men that will deliver it.

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How do I arrange a piano move?
To ensure the Best Service, simply phone us at 903-218-0008 and we will be glad to arrange your piano move for you and answer any questions you may have. It is helpful, but not absolutely necessary, to call us at least a week in advance. As piano moving experts, we are somewhat Inquisitive and you should be prepared to answer some of the following questions:
• Where your piano is, and where you would like us to bring it; including Information about what floor or level it is on and how many steps it will need to be brought up or down
• Some information about how your piano was originally moved to its present location (if you know); was a crane required?
• The type of piano (grand, upright, console, etc.), its size and brand name

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We hope you understand that the more information we have in advance, the better job we can do for you on Moving Day.

Wharton Piano Movers
Wharton Piano Movers
Wharton Piano Movers