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Here are some tips for moving a pool table by ICANN Moving Company:

  • Disassemble the pool table: Before moving the pool table, it is important to disassemble it into its component parts, including the legs, rails, and felt. This will make it easier to move and will also help to protect the table during transport.
  • Label and wrap each piece: Label each piece of the pool table and wrap it in furniture pads or bubble wrap to protect it during the move.
  • Hire professional movers: Moving a pool table is a complex and physically demanding process, so it is best to hire professional movers who have experience and the right equipment to do the job.
  • Measure the doorways: Make sure that the doorways and stairways through which the pool table will be moved are wide enough to accommodate the table and its components.
  • Reassemble the table: After the pool table has been moved to its new location, it should be reassembled and leveled to ensure that it is ready for use.

These tips should help ensure a smooth and successful move for your pool table.

Benefits of Hiring a Pool Table Moving Company

Whether you’re moving to a new home or simply relocating your pool table, hiring a professional pool table moving company can save you a lot of time and money.

A pool table can be very heavy, and a mover must have the proper equipment to properly disassemble and reassemble it before and after delivery. They can also provide insurance in case your pool table gets damaged during the process.


Pool tables are heavy and bulky pieces of furniture that can be difficult to move safely. You need to hire a moving company that specializes in pool table moving, since they have the proper equipment to move your piece of furniture safely and efficiently.

A good pool table moving company will have a team of not less than four people who are trained in lifting and transporting these heavy pieces of furniture. This is important because the slates of the table are very sensitive and can easily be damaged by improper handling during a move.

You should also make sure that the company you hire has a solid reputation in the industry. They should have a website, and you can read customer reviews to get a sense of the company’s work ethic and reliability. You should also ask for references, as well as a detailed quote on your pool table move.

Hiring professional movers is more cost-effective than doing it yourself, because you will avoid the costs associated with repairing or replacing your furniture after a move. You will also have peace of mind that your furniture will be delivered in good condition, which means you can use it as soon as possible.

Licensed movers have special packaging supplies that are designed to protect your furniture during transport, which is especially important for pool tables. These supplies include tarps, furniture straps and tape.

The movers will wrap the slates of your pool table in these tarps and secure them with furniture straps before putting it in the truck or van. This will prevent them from shifting during the move and will ensure that they will not be damaged while in transit.

In addition, a good moving company will provide you with insurance for your furniture. This is called valuation, and it will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your furniture if it gets damaged during the move.

Another great benefit of hiring a pool table moving company is that they will disassemble your pool table before bringing it to their warehouse. This is a time-consuming process, but it will help keep your table safe from damage and damage-related injuries during the move.


Pool tables are heavy, bulky items that require special lifting skills to move. They are also easily damaged when moved without the proper precautions and expertise, so it’s best to hire professional pool table movers if you want your table transported safely.

The first benefit of hiring a pool table moving company is the time savings it brings to the process. They use specialized equipment and experience to complete the task efficiently and quickly, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your relocation.

When you hire a professional, they’ll disassemble and then reassemble your pool table for you, saving you the stress of trying to do it yourself. They’ll also take care of transporting it to your new home, preventing any damage to your furniture or your belongings in the process.

Another advantage of hiring a pool table moving company is that they will come with a truck or a large van to transport the table. This will help to prevent it from getting damaged in transit and causing you extra costs for several trips.

The cost of your pool table move will depend on a number of factors, including how far away you are, the model and size of the table, the weight and the amount of movers needed. Make sure you have a clear picture of your needs before you call for quotes, so that they can provide the right service and price.

You should also keep in mind that the ease of the move will affect the pricing. For example, if the movers have to climb up multiple floors or navigate twisty hallways, the costs may increase significantly.

Additionally, you should consider whether or not your table is able to be disassembled and transported. Depending on the model, size and condition of your table, this can be a simple task that a few people can handle, or it could be a complicated one that requires the assistance of professionals.

Finally, reputable pool table movers offer a variety of improvement services, from replacing pockets and cushions to re-felting the pool table. This will make the move much more enjoyable for you and save you a lot of time and money in the long run.


If you’re moving, there are a lot of things to consider, including how you’re going to get your belongings from one place to another. This is especially true if you have a pool table, which can be a very heavy and bulky item that requires specialized techniques to move safely and carefully.

Hiring a professional pool table moving company can be one of the best decisions you make for your relocation needs. Not only will they have experience with moving pool tables, but they’ll also have all the equipment needed to keep your pool table safe and secure during the entire process.

In addition to this, they’ll also have the proper tools to make sure your pool table is properly disassembled and reassembled at your new location. This will save you time and energy that would otherwise be wasted if you were to try to do it yourself.

It’s also important to hire a professional pool table moving company that is reputable and experienced in the industry. You can check out reviews from other customers to determine which companies are the best for your needs.

You can also ask your friends and family about movers that they know in the area who have good experience with this type of relocation. In addition, look online for reviews about the movers you’re considering.

A pool table is an expensive piece of furniture, and it should be handled with care to prevent any damage or breakage during the hauling process. In addition, it should be reassembled at your new home in the proper manner to ensure that you get the most out of it.

This is a difficult process that can only be accomplished by trained and experienced professionals. The process can be dangerous and complicated if you’re not careful, which is why hiring a professional moving company is your best option for the job.

If you’re moving a pool table, you’ll want to make sure that the moving company you’ve chosen is specialized in heavy lifting. This will mean that they have multiple movers who can handle a large amount of weight at once, which can save you money in the long run.


If you’re moving into a new home and are looking to relocate a pool table, hiring a professional moving company is likely a good idea. This way, you can avoid a lot of stress and worry about moving your pool table, and can instead focus on other things that need to be done in your new home.

A good moving company will be able to take care of all aspects of the move, and will be able to transport your pool table with no problems at all. This includes ensuring that the pool table is safely disassembled and reassembled at the new location, so you don’t have to deal with any issues that arise during the move.

When hiring a pool table moving company, you should make sure that they are fully insured and have the necessary experience to handle your pool table properly. This will help to ensure that you don’t end up with any damage or injuries to the table during the move, and it will also prevent any potential accidents in the future.

It’s also a good idea to check the company’s reputation. You can do this by contacting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or checking their online review sites for customer testimonials.

You can also ask if they offer additional services such as pool table tuning and repair. This will help to reduce the cost of your move by avoiding extra charges for repairs.

Another thing to consider when you’re choosing a pool table moving company is their cancellation policy. If they have a history of cancelling appointments at short notice, you may want to look elsewhere.

Hiring a pool table moving company will cost you about $550 on average, but it can vary depending on your location and the size of your table. The cost will depend on the distance you need the table to be moved, the type of play surface it has (three-piece slate or one-piece slate), and whether your table needs any special handling.

A good moving company should be able to give you a quote on the cost of your pool table moving job before you sign a contract. This is a great way to ensure that you’re not paying for anything that you don’t need, and it will also help you to compare quotes from different companies.