When you need labor-only movers during a move or big project, look no further than ICANN Moving Company. We provide both residential and commercial moving services in Longview, Plano, Smith County, and surrounding Texas areas and will take extreme caution when handling your belongings.

While many moving companies charge high rates for sub-par services, we go above and beyond by providing exceptional service and affordable rates for your move. Don’t let a move stress you out. Hire labor-only movers in Tyler, East Texas metroplex, and surrounding areas to transport your heavy items, pianos, and furniture.


While most moving companies in Tyler & East Texas metroplex, and surrounding areas just do the heavy lifting, our movers are available to help with any packing and unpacking during your move. We can also store items and furniture temporarily for home construction projects. We can:

  • Provide our truck during the move
  • Provide boxes and tape, if needed
  • Label and organize your boxes
  • Deliver items to your new location safely

Whether you already have a truck and all the necessary moving supplies or you need to utilize ours, you can count on us to make your move as smooth as possible. Contact us today to discuss your moving needs with a local expert.

Top Reasons for Hiring Moving Help in Tyler & Longview, TX

Why are you considering hiring labor-only moving help? There are a lot of reasons homeowners, renters, and business owners turn to movers for help with a DIY relocation. When you hire hourly moving labor, you can get help with furniture, heavy boxes, packing, loading, and unloading depending on your needs.

Hiring Moving Help & Moving Labor in Longview & Tyler, TX

You don’t need to choose between a full-service professional move and handling everything on your own. With Longview and Tyler moving help, you can stay in control of your relocation but benefit from a faster, safer, and more organized move.

With labor-only moving services, you can rent your own moving container or truck and get help with the loading, unloading, and even packing. You can skip the heavy lifting with a professional team of movers who arrive and provide as much or as little help as you like.

What do labor-only movers do? They can provide all of the same services as a full-service moving company without transportation. They offer the expertise, experience, and equipment to help with packing, unloading, and packing – everything except the actual transportation. When you hire moving labor, they will arrive with all the necessary supplies and equipment to do everything from packing and furniture assembly to loading.

There are many benefits to hiring moving labor:

  • Your truck or container will be loaded efficiently and securely to ensure nothing shifts or falls
  • Professional movers are faster to get the job done quickly
  • You can save yourself from the physical exhaustion and manual labor of loading and unloading
  • Reduce the risk of damage to your belongings with professional packing and loading using the right materials and techniques
  • Save time that you can use for more important tasks
  • Labor-only moving services are a cost-effective way to get the help you need while relocating
  • Save stress with a faster, easier, and professionally managed packing, loading, and unloading process

Cost of Hiring Moving Labor in Longview & Tyler, TX

How much does moving help cost? There are three primary factors that affect your cost: how many movers you need, how long you need them, and any supplies you purchase. The cost of moving labor in Tyler and Longview, Texas is hourly plus materials.

In most cases, a standard quote will include two movers but you can hire additional movers for an extra hourly rate. The number of hours you will need help, and the total cost of your labor-only move, will depend on:

  • The efficiency and experience of the movers
  • The tasks you need the movers to perform. Some tasks like piano moving or furniture disassembly will add complexity to your move and increase the billable hours
  • The size of your household

Labor-only movers usually charge a minimum of 2 hours of labor than in 15-minute increments. You can reduce your cost of moving labor in Longview and Tyler by tackling any elements of the move yourself. If cost is a concern, consider leaving the furniture, specialty items, and fragile items for the professionals.

Why Hire ICANN Moving Company for Your Longview & Tyler Moving Help

No matter why you need moving help, it’s important to do your research and choose experienced, licensed, and trained movers you can trust. Be wary of services that offer to “find” you movers or unlicensed movers who advertise the lowest rates. Unfortunately, many people each year fall prey to moving scams and unscrupulous movers.
ICANN Moving Company has served residents in Tyler and Longview, Texas for more than 12 years with over 70,000 miles moved every year. Our licensed, background checked, and experienced movers are here to deliver the customer service and tailored moving services you deserve. We make it easy to get the moving help you need during a DIY move with additional resources available if needed.