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Stressed About Moving in Canyon?
RELAX and Let Us Take Your Stress Away.
We Make Moving Easy, Affordable and Care-Free!
A stress-free moving day is possible, and we do it every day.
When you book your move with ICANN Moving Company you will enjoy a quick and easy phone interview with an immediate free moving estimate. You will be e-mailed helpful moving tips that will save you money and help you prepare. Our attentive customer service will make you smile and feel relaxed. Our friendly, professional, experienced, well spoken, licensed and insured movers will arrive on-time, working efficiently and effectively saving you money on the total cost of your move. At the end of your move, you will be elated at how much money you saved and how easy everything was. Who says that moving has to be stressful, not us. As one of the oldest moving companies in Canyon, ICANN Moving Company is committed to making your moving day a GREAT DAY!
Are You Moving from Canyon to Texas, Willis, Kingsville, Hurst, Vidor or anywhere? We can help you save money!
How We Help Our Customers:
#1. SAVE MONEY: Fast, efficient movers in Canyon will save you money when paying by the hour.
#2. PROTECT VALUABLES: Our experienced, licensed & insured movers transport goods to protect.
#3. FAST & FRIENDLY SERVICE FOR 15+ Years: Established reputation in the industry for excellence.
#4. FREE SUPPLIES: Shrink wrap services on furniture and FREE Wardrobe Boxes.
#5. EXPERIENCED MOVERS YOU CAN COMMUNICATE WITH: This is important the day of your move.

ICANN Moving Company | Movers In Canyon

FREE Wardrobe Boxes to use the day of your move to transport your hanging clothes. If you need other moving boxes, our sister company is here to help.
FREE Unlimited shrink wrap and furniture pads that our Canyon movers will put on your furniture to protect it.
FREE Fully equipped moving trucks with dollies, ramps, mover pads and everything needed to move your home effectively.
Discount Movers Strives to Be Our Customers Premier
Canyon Moving Company Choice for a Lifetime!

“Our professional Canyon movers often move the same person from an apartment to a condo, to a house 10-12 times as they transition through life stages. Overall, we help our customers transition both in happy times with marriage and kids, and sometimes in challenging times like divorce, a rental house being suddenly sold and job loss. We understand moving can be stressful in happy and in hard times. We understand the sensitivity of moving and work hard to make our customers moving day better because of our team’s excellent, and attentive services. Wishing you an excellent move and thank you for your continued business over 14 years. Sincerely, President and Owner of ICANN Moving Company.

Our Movers Work Hard to Make Your Moving Day a Great Day!
If you are looking to hire a top rated, licensed and insured Canyon moving company, you have come to the right place. Our professional movers are fast and experienced with A+ BBB ratings. Our seasoned movers, packers, truck loaders and storage movers are here to help ensure that our customers have a great moving experience. As one of the oldest local Canyon moving companies, we are proud to have consistently achieved A+ ratings in the BBB for over 14 years with hundreds of thousands of moves.

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Texas and Canyon Moving Company Services:
ICANN Moving Company is one of the leading and most respected local moving companies in the city that specializes in local Canyon moving services, packing, truck loading/ unloading, storage moves and daily runs from Canyon to surrounding subs. As one of the best rated moving companies on Google, Yelp and Customer Lobby, we are very proud to have the highest repeat business and referral ratings in the industry, due to our total commitment to our customers. If you need moving boxes delivered to your doorstep, go to http://reliefmovers.com/
Our Testimonials
We have hundreds of 5 star reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook and more….
“I used ICANN Moving Company this week to relocate from Canyon to Sherman Oaks. I had three men working on my move. All three were polite, careful with all of my belongings, and they were fast. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking at a relocation.”
Sherman Oaks.
“We moved this past weekend for the first time using movers and I will never do it any other way! They were all fantastic and very careful with our stuff and finished in under half the time estimated. The move would have taken us a full day on our own and it took them a mere hour and a half. They did not cut corners but they did a fantastic job working together and I would highly highly recommend this company if you are moving and need help!”
Jaclyn K.

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The Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about ICANN Moving Company
How do I save money by using ICANN Moving Company?
Most local moving companies charge by the hour. Our movers are so efficient that they typically do 2 jobs per day, which is how they personally make more money. This is different than most moving companies in Canyon who will make more money the longer they are at someone’s house. (An 8 hour move will cost a lot more than 4 hours) By completing your job quickly, and having another move scheduled, we pass on the volume savings to our clients.
What can I do to prepare for my move that will help me save money?
Our customers have a lot of control over how fast our movers can be, which saves our customers money. In one word, PREPARATION. First of all you want everything to be in sealed moving boxes before our movers arrive. Movers cannot safely or legally move any loose items. In addition you don’t want the movers waiting for you for any reason, (boxes are not labeled, items are not packed etc) as this will cost you time and money.
How do you charge for moving services and are there certain days that are less expensive?
We charge hourly. The hourly rate is dependent on how many movers are being utilized and the day of the week you are moving. It is less expensive to move Monday-Thursday then it is the weekend. This is a quick way to save money if you have that flexibility. In addition, there is a minimum amount of hours charged based on the size of the move and the distance between moving locations.

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Do you offer professional packing services?
Yes, we can also pack all of your items for an additional charge. Please note, this is never done the same day as your scheduled move. Typically, we come the day before your move and pack all of your small, loose items into boxes and have everything packed and ready to go for your move the following day. You will need to tell your moving consultant that you want packing and moving and they will schedule the packers for you the day prior to your move. The same rates and minimums apply to packing in addition to supply charges for the boxes, tape, paper, etc.
What is included in your moving services?
The movers will bring all the necessary equipment to move your household items. Please let our phone representatives know if any items need to be disassembled prior to moving and we will make sure to have the proper tools needed on your moving day. They will also bring moving blankets and shrink wrap for all large items that need additional protection when moving. You will want to have all the small, loose items already packed in boxes that are taped up and stackable (if you don’t want to pack we can send packers the day prior to your move for an additional charge) and ready to go. We will provide free wardrobe boxes for all clothes on hangars. Please let our phone representative know how many wardrobe boxes you will need for your move.

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How do I pack for my move?
Use high quality boxes that are meant for moving. These are stackable, strong and designed for moving. Fill your boxes to the top and crumple up newspaper to fill in gaps. Be sure to label your boxes with where you want your box moved (kitchen, master bedroom, downstairs office) and a one word description of what is inside (pots and pans). This helps our movers know which rooms to place your boxes in without having to ask you each time and know how fragile they are to make stacking decisions.
If my move goes longer than the minimum hours that I was given in my estimate, how am I charged?
We do not round up to the nearest hour like some moving companies. We charge in 15 minute increments. As an example, if your moving time is 4 hours and 15 minutes some companies will charge 5 hours. We will only charge you 4 hours and 15 minutes.
Why do you give phone estimates versus coming to our house?
As ICANN Moving Company, we provide value everywhere we can. Our services are charged by the hour versus the weight (like long distance companies in Canyon). We have an effective process to help us understand what we will be moving over the phone to provide our customers with an estimate. This helps keep our costs low. We pass on this savings to our customers. On occasion, we need to go in person, but for 99% of moves this is an added cost our customers don’t want or need.
Do you have the insurance requirements needed to move within my condo or business location?
Yes, we have coverage per move which is typically more than enough to move within any condo association or business building. In fact, we are preferred movers for almost all of the larger condo associations in Canyon. Please clarify with your association or building their insurance requirements and make sure they have all the insurance paperwork needed from us prior to your move.
Are the movers who are moving my household items your employees or are they independent contractors?
We do not and will not use independent contractors. All of our movers are employees. The majority of our movers have been with the company for many years. They are our employees that we are quite proud of. We like to hire people who can effectively communicate with our customers. Many of our Canyon movers have made a career working at ICANN Moving Company and we take good care of our team.

Canyon Movers
Canyon Movers
Canyon Movers