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Granbury Furniture-Assembly Movers

ICANN Moving Company
Moving your home, office or store contents from one point to another? ICANN Moving Company is one of the top moving companies around, and we’ve been offering one of the best possible moving services for several years in a row – plus, we offer added services like packing & unpacking and furniture assembly to ensure that your move happens easier and faster, because we know just how stressful a move can be.

ICANN Moving Company: Furniture-Assembly Movers in Granbury

Here’s some more information about our furniture assembly and re-assembly services, just when you might need them and why you should hire us for your next home or commercial move.

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Commercial and Home Relocations Covered
Need a trusted and reliable home and commercial relocation company that can get the contents of your home or business from one point to another – and fast? ICANN Moving Company have commercial and home moves covered, and we can help with both large and small freights as well as more specialized objects like furniture or pianos that need to be moved.

Best Furniture-Assembly Movers in Granbury Texas

We offer more than a lot of other moving companies out there, including:
•Packing and unpacking services
•High quality packing materials
•Vehicles and trailers in every size
•Trained and experienced staff
•24/7 vehicle tracking for safety

Granbury Furniture-Assembly Movers Near Me

Why Re-Assembly Services?
What on earth is a furniture assembly service and why would you need it? A lot of furniture is big, bulky, heavy and likely to damage in transit – and for these delicate yet usually huge objects, we’ve found a great way to do it.
Instead of moving the pieces of furniture in one place, our experienced and trained staff takes the furniture apart at the start destination for easy transporting – and then puts it together again when the end destination has been reached.

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This can make it a lot easier to move heavy furniture pieces like bookshelves, tables, chairs and cupboards. It also greatly reduces the chances that any of it will be damaged.
Furniture assembly and re-assembly services ensure that your furniture arrives in the same condition it left your original place. Not all relocation and moving companies offer this service – but we do, and it’s one more reason why people contact us.
Antique Furniture Covered
We’ve got your needs covered when it comes to furniture assembly and re-assembly services – and even when we’re talking about antique and vintage furniture. These require very special care to ensure that they don’t damage in transit, and a lot of moving companies won’t take the same care that we will when it comes to moving our antiques.

We care about your cargo just as much as we do, and that’s why our staff is always extra-careful when handling a move. Our No-Damage Guarantee is part of what’s made us one of the leading furniture, general and business moving companies out there.

Granbury Furniture-Assembly Movers
Granbury Furniture-Assembly Movers
Granbury Furniture-Assembly Movers