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What to Look For when Choosing Piano Movers
A piano is a valuable instrument but a very difficult item to move so there is always a fear that the men you’ve hired to wrap it, lift it, roll it and load it will do something that could damage it. There is a risk in moving anything but if you have hired professional movers, then that risk is reduced dramatically.

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From your point of view however, finding a properly experienced and fully trustworthy company to move your piano is on the top of your priority list. That is completely understandable, but what should you look for choosing the right company? Here is a helpful list of things to find out about any prospective movers to help steer you towards the right decision.

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Background and experience
Experience is probably the most important thing in the moving industry and you should only consider companies that have a proven record. Ask about how old the company is and what services they have offered since then. Most importantly, ask them if they have moved a piano before and if the answer is yes, then ask if you can contact that client for a reference. If they flatly refuse, then it’s a sign that there might have been a problem. Moving pianos is a specialist area and only the most experienced movers should be entrusted with yours.

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Insurance Coverage
Every moving company should be covered by three key insurance policies: commercial automotive insurance; cartage-content insurance; and workman’s safety insurance. These three policies are vital if you want to protect yourself against what might go wrong. Commercial automotive insurance refers to insurance for any commercial vehicles, something that every company with a fleet of vehicles should have. Cartage-content insurance protects the movers against any damage caused to an item in transit. Workman’s safety insurance means that should one of the mover’s crew suffer an injury, you will not be liable for it. To verify that a company has all three, simply call their insurance company and ask the movers for their workman’s safety insurance clearance certificate.

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BBB Status
Any company that ranks lowly on the Better Business Bureau should be dismissed as unlikely candidates. Companies with a ranking of A+ (such as ourselves) should be true contenders as they achieve that grade only by performing consistently highly in terms of professionalism, accountability and customer care. It basically means that there are no complaints against the company and their business practices are of the highest standard. You can also contact the Department of Transport to check out any information that they might have of the candidate companies.

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Word of Mouth
Lastly, and probably the most valuable to you, is the testimony of those who have used a candidate company. There is no replacement for word of mouth, so go to those that might know of a company you can trust. Go to the local piano dealers, who will regularly us movers to transport their products to customers or even from wholesalers. Go to a neighbor who you know owns a piano; they might know a company. Go to a local piano school too. Piano lovers everywhere share your concern and can easily point you to the best company to use.
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Lockhart Piano Movers
Lockhart Piano Movers
Lockhart Piano Movers