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Tarrant County Safe Movers

Tarrant County TX Safe Moves
ICANN Moving Company provides specialty moving services that involve over-sized bulky items that require special equipment in order for it to be moved both properly and safely. One of the items we provide specialized equipment for is for safe moves.

ICANN Moving Company: Safe Movers in Tarrant County

Many people use safes as a way to protect their money, weapons, or other precious objects, but when it comes to moving a safe from one place to another, there’s nothing safe about it. Big safes weigh upwards of 800 + lbs., and the slightest wrong move can cause a harmful – even fatal – disaster.

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How We Move Your Home or Business Safe
To make sure your safe move is ICANN Moving Company ensures that transporting your safe will be done correctly due to the following:
• High-grade equipment including appliance & hydraulic dollies
• Proper methods & techniques
• Specialty training
• Extensive knowledge & experience
• We move safes up to 1,500 lbs.

Best Safe Movers in Tarrant County, Texas

Move your Home Safe or Vault safely and Hassle-Free
ICANN Moving Company is experienced with the appropriately trained set of skills needed to perform this type of intricate move, including the most up-to-date equipment necessary to guarantee a smooth delivery for your treasured item. Our experienced and (specialty) trained movers will use proper tools to ensure the safety of your item.

Tarrant County Safe Movers Near Me

ICANN Moving Company is proud to be your leading local Tarrant County, TX moving company. We’re based in Tarrant County, TX and our commitment to the area shows in our extensive local knowledge and experience, as well as in a range of community activities we participate in to be able to give back to our friends and neighbors in the Tarrant County, TX.

ICANN Moving Company always strives to be a leader in supporting the diverse and vibrant Tarrant County, TX community and do our part to help and support fellow residents.

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ICANN Moving Company’s fleet of moving trucks can be seen all over town every day. We’re either moving local Tarrant County, TX residents to their new home, or relocating new neighbors from out of state and helping them find their way around town and feel at home. At ICANN Moving Company, we pride ourselves in our diverse level of service. Whether moving small or large businesses, medical offices, or helping a veteran or senior relocate, we treat our customers like family.
Sometimes, we are also servicing our community by delivering food, supplies, or toys for our community partners. When moving our clients, our goal is to provide a world class relocation experience whether it is a residential, commercial, or long-distance move. With over 5000 annual Tarrant County, TX moves, and a sense of service and gratitude to our community, we know how to move Tarrant County, TX!

Tarrant County Safe Movers
Tarrant County Safe Movers
Tarrant County Safe Movers