Located in Collin County, Texas, Princeton is one of the rapidly growing cities.

Reasons to Move to Princeton, Texas

Princeton is one of the rapidly growing cities in Texas, this city in Collin County remains a haven for those who want to enjoy life at a slower pace. Princeton is the perfect place to feel a similar ambiance of a small town away from the metropolis, it gives you everything you need for an enjoyable stay. You will find affordably priced groceries and almost endless choices for shopping and dining. A serene living, great schools, variety of shopping and dining minutes away make Princeton a fantastic option for young professionals and families alike, this convenient location also provides nearby recreation with plenty of outdoor spaces to explore.

The rapid growth experienced in Princeton, Texas in recent years isn’t taking the city by surprise rather Princeton’s motto is “progress with purpose”. There is a multitude of individuals working hard to make sure the city achieves greatness while maintaining a sense of community. Regardless of how much the city has grown, it is still able to keep culture alive, harness small-town mentality, and pave the way to be at the forefront of being a smart city.

Reasons to Move to Princeton TX

Cost of living in Princeton, Texas

The overall cost of living in Princeton, Texas is 99. The cost of goods & services is 116, groceries 95, health care 82, housing 81, transportation 94, and utilities 114. The living cost in Princeton is 7% higher than the Texas average, 1% lower than the national average and housing is 19% lower than the national average.

The average household income is $82,380 with a poverty rate of 10.64% in Princeton, Texas. The median rental costs in recent years come to $1,295 per month, and the median house value is $376,763.

Is Princeton, Texas a safe place to live – Crime Rates?

You have a 1 in 79 chance of becoming a victim of crime in Princeton, Texas. Princeton crime rates are 46% lower than the national average, violent crimes in Princeton are 62% lower than the national average and it is safer than 65% of the cities in the United States. Crime in Princeton has decreased by 52% year over year.

Demographics of Princeton TX

What are the demographics of Princeton, Texas?

Out of 1,805 cities in the state of Texas Princeton is the 154th most populated city. The largest Princeton ethnic groups are White followed by Hispanic and Black.

  • White: 69.80%
  • Black or African American: 15.94%
  • Two or more races: 5.79%
  • Other races: 5.58%
  • Asian: 2.51%
  • Native American: 0.38%
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.00%


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Princeton, Texas Population by Age and Gender

Male Population:   50%

Female Population:   50%

  • 10 years: 15%
  • 10-17 years: 14%
  • 18-24 years: 11%
  • 25-34 years: 15%
  • 35-44 years: 18%
  • 45-54 years: 12%
  • 55-64 years: 10%
  • 65+ years: 7%

The median age is 33 years, 32.6 years for males, and 33.1 years for females in Princeton, Texas.

Things to do in Princeton TX

Things to do in Princeton, Texas

Want to feel the warmth of attractions in Princeton, Texas?

You will appreciate the lakefront by having a picnic and sharing meals with your family, friends, and colleagues. Lake Lavon is the ideal place for a mix of fun and tranquility. Bring your loved ones to Veterans Memorial Park and appreciate the city’s historical narrative, it recounts the events that transpired in the past. Thanks to the conducive training facility of The Texas Express Track Club and its adequate equipment, this is the perfect spot in the city to pick up a new hobby, it has continuously sent its athletes to national championships. J. M. Caldwell Sr. Community Park is a perfect fit for a group picnic where you can enjoy the windy breeze while wandering in the picturesque landscape. It is a spacious land area as well with soccer, softball fields, and other sports courts. Cathy’s Critters will help you appreciate the natural beauty of wildlife from a presentation of exotic animals to an outback tour. Here is a list of the best things to do in Princeton, Texas:

  • Veterans Memorial Park
  • Texas Express Track Club
  • Cathy’s Critters
  • July Spectacular
  • Big Spray Brewing
  • Tractor Supply Co.
  • 1899 Farmhouse
  • Old Rooster Creek Flea Markets and RV Parks

People Live in Princeton TX

How many people live in Princeton, Texas – Population?

With a population of 19,071, Princeton is located in Collin County Texas. It is the 2394th largest city in the United States currently growing at a rate of 5.66% annually and its population has increased by 12.00% since the most recent census. Spanning over 10 miles, the population density in Princeton is 1,888 people per square mile which is 754% higher than in Texas and the median age in Princeton is 4% lower than in Texas. The number of people per household in Princeton is 2.8, 57.8% are married, 11.2% are divorced, 47.4% are married with children and 17.3% have children, but are single. Family establishments represent 82.35% of Princeton households while non-family units account for the remaining 17.65%. In addition, 44.43% of households have children and 55.57% of households are without children. Housing units in Princeton are 74.88% owner-occupied while 25.12% have renters living in them.


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Princeton, Texas Weather

The summers are muggy and hot, the winters are wet, cold, and windy and it is partly cloudy year-round in Princeton, Texas. The temperature typically varies from 35°F to 95°F and is rarely below 22°F or above 101°F over the course of the year. Princeton, Texas gets 41 inches of rain, 1 inch of snow, and 236 sunny days on average, per year. The most pleasant months in Princeton, Texas are October, April, and May. There are 76.3 days annually when the high temperature is over 90° which is cooler than most places in Texas. Humidity in Princeton is comfortable for most of the year but can be uncomfortable during the summer. May is the rainiest month with 9.1 days of rain and July is the driest month with only 4.7 rainy days


Weather in Princeton TX

The hot season starts from June to September & lasts for 3.5 months with an average daily high temperature above 87°F. The hottest month of the year is July with an average high of 94°F and a low of 73°F. The cool season starts from November to February & lasts for 3.0 months with an average daily high temperature below 63°F. The coldest month of the year is January with an average low of 35°F and a high of 56°F. There are 47.7 days annually when the nighttime low temperature falls below freezing in Princeton, TX which is colder than most places in Texas.

Average Income in Princeton, Texas

The average annual salary is $48,835 and the minimum wage rate is $7.25 per hour in Princeton, Texas. This average annual salary works out to be approximately $23.48 an hour and which is equivalent to $939 a week or $4,069 a month. Most salaries range from $34,808 to $58,912 annually. The highest paying jobs are General Dentist, Pharmacist In Charge, and Pharmacist in Princeton, TX. Jobs that pay more than the average in Princeton, Texas include;

  • General Dentist: $143,330
  • Pharmacist In Charge: $116,112
  • Mason Helper: $32,268
  • Software Developer: $78,212
  • Operations Research Analyst: $70,369

Taxes & Utilities in Princeton TX

Taxes & Utilities in Princeton, Texas

In Princeton, TX, the average electricity customer is using 1,653 kWh of electricity per month, and 19,836 kWh over the course of the year. Electricity users spend about $212 per month on electricity on average. This adds up to $2,544 per year which is 16% higher than the national average electric bill of $2,190.

The minimum combined 2022 state, county, and city sales tax rate for Princeton, Texas is 8.25%. The Texas sales tax rate is currently 6.25%, the County sales tax rate is 0% and the Princeton sales tax rate is 2%. Texas’s general sales tax is 23% higher than the national average and state income tax is 100% lower than the national average.

Is Princeton, Texas good for singles?


Looking to burn calories & get toned?

Princeton gyms are full-service gyms with 24-hour access to free weights, personal training, cardio equipment, group fitness classes such as boxing for fitness, yoga, and feature a boxing club. These perfect workout facilities are for busy young adults who want all the benefits from rigorous workouts in a fraction of the time. Princeton gyms help you burn calories, get toned, and complete your workout at a time that works for you. Princeton gyms are dedicated to enriching the mind, spirit, body and improving the quality of life. They deliver values-based programs to serve people of all ages, races, and creeds, with an emphasis on families and youth. Check out the following Princeton, Texas gyms to get excellent results;

  • UFC Fit
  • Fitness Connection – Allen
  • McKinney Fit Body Boot Camp
  • Life Time
  • The Jym- Princeton
  • Performant Fitness

Restaurants in Princeton TX


Craving delicious food?

If you are craving delicious Mexican food, then visit Las Rocas Mexican Cocina for a great evening out with friends or family. There are local family-owned restaurants in Princeton, Texas that serve this community with fresh and authentic Mexican food made with love. So, take a well-deserved break from working around the house or office to enjoy lunch and dinner in the envisioned restaurants of Princeton, Texas. The following restaurants delivering excellent quality food and exceptional services will draw your attention;

  • Jocy’s Restaurant
  • Trompitoz Taqueria
  • Big Spray Brewing
  • Rivera’s Restaurant
  • Longhorn Barbecue
  • Hickory Heat BBQ
  • Valerie’s Taco Stand- Princeton
  • La Taqueria In La Victoria Grocery Store

Good for Families Princeton TX

Is Princeton, Texas good for families?

The distance to schools is always top of mind when you have school‑age children. Relocating or living in Princeton offers you the advantage of catching nearby schools easily. Families will never run out of fun things to do in Princeton, Texas. Outdoor recreational opportunities are plentiful, the city has numerous public parks, top public and private schools, lakes, and natural areas for hiking and biking. The area appeals to couples, families, and singles alike. The small-town farmers’ markets, a wide range of year-round community activities, and a slate of seasonal events such as the Wildflower Festival, the Celina Cajun Fest, and the Anna Glowfest make the charm of the city more appealing.

How are the schools in Princeton, Texas?

There are 10 public schools in Princeton, Texas. Princeton schools spend $9,611 per student, there are 1,670 students per librarian, 15 pupils per teacher, and 496 children per counselor. Approximately 39.78% of the population in Princeton holds a high school degree, 22.85% have attained a college certificate and 16.37% have a bachelor’s degree.


Middle schools in Princeton, Texas

  • Dowell Middle School
  • Scott Morgan Johnson Middle School
  • Southard Middle School
  • Clark Junior High School

High schools in Princeton, Texas

  • Imagine International Academy of North Texas
  • Princeton High School
  • McKinney North High School
  • Princeton High School
  • Lucas Christian Academy
  • Wylie Preparatory Academy

Colleges & Universities in Princeton, Texas

  • Collin County Community College District
  • McKinney Dental Assistant School
  • Ashford University
  • Collin College – Spring Creek Campus
  • Central Park Campus – Collin College
  • Hardin Simmons University
  • Collin Higher Education Center

Churches in Princeton TX

Churches in Princeton, Texas

  • First McKinney Baptist Church
  • Cottonwood Creek Church
  • Christ Fellowship
  • Life Fellowship Church
  • Hope Fellowship McKinney
  • Legacy Church
  • Grace Community Church

Conclusion: Why you should consider moving to Princeton, Texas

  • Although Princeton is one of the fastest‑growing cities, it still has a slower pace of life and a small‑town feel. The area is ideally located to put you in close proximity to everything you need.
  • Princeton makes improvements to its business offerings, welcoming new industries and facilitating its residents with multiple job options.
  • Both individuals who desire their own piece of land and those who value all the amenities of a master-planned community can find affordable housing.
  • A booming housing market is brought on by all that business growth. Located in Collin County, Texas Princeton is the best place to live.

If you are interested in a free moving estimate, give ICANN Moving Company Princeton, Texas a call at 903-218-0008 or fill out our Request a Quote form.