The history-rich city of Kilgore lies in Gregg and Rusk counties in Texas. Kilgore is nicknamed the “City of Stars” since there are lighted stars on top of the oil derricks that shine down on the city during Christmas time. Kilgore became a thriving city in East Texas in the 1930’s when oil was discovered in the city. Ever since then, Kilgore has been known for its oil reserves and the museums that talk about the history of oil there. Since Kilgore is a diverse city, there are many different types of people who move there, with the culture being made up of families and young professionals. Those living in Kilgore get a sparse suburban feel, making it a desirable place to raise kids.

Kilgore, TX Population & Demographics

The population in Kilgore is 14,784. The racial makeup in Kilgore is 60.5% White, 17.9% Hispanic, 12.3% African American, 3.94% Asian, and 2.62% other races. Men make up 49.2% of the population and women make up 50.8%. The median age in Kilgore is 34, which has resulted in many young professionals and families living there. The median household income in Kilgore is $57,625, which is a 1.33% growth from last year. Kilgore is also considered fairly safe since the city has 26% less violent crimes than the national average.

Those relocating to Kilgore will either be located in Gregg or Rusk County. Kilgore’s area code is 903. The zip codes for Kilgore are 75662 and 73663.

Kilgore Cost of Living

Living in Kilgore is fairly inexpensive if you compare it to the United States average and the rest of Texas. Kilgore is 18% cheaper to live to live than the national average and is 12% cheaper than the rest of Texas. One of the main reasons why people are moving to Kilgore is due to their low housing costs. The housing market in Kilgore is viewed as not very competitive. The average cost of a house in Kilgore is $165,000 or $97 per square foot, so now is one of the best times to buy a home in Kilgore for the low prices!

The homeownership rate in Kilgore is 64%, so there is still a big portion of people who are interested in renting. For those looking to rent in Kilgore, you can anticipate to pay around $724. While the rent trends have been steady for one bedroom apartments, the rent trends have been increasing by 8.5% for two bedrooms. For other everyday items, you’ll pay around these prices:

Kilgore Cost of Items (Everyday Expenses)

  • Meal at a restaurant: $12.00
  • Fast food meal: $8.00
  • Gallon of milk: $2.83
  • Dozen eggs: $2.13
  • Pound of chicken: $3.81
  • Gallon of gas: $2.29
  • Basic utilities: $196.34

Kilgore, TX Neighborhoods

There are many excellent Kilgore neighborhoods to choose from. The most popular neighborhoods in Kilgore are Rolling Meadows, Liberty City, Highland Park, and Powderhorn. Rolling Meadows is one of the more expensive neighborhoods in Kilgore. There are many single-family homes to choose from and each lot has large front yards. LIberty city also offers a variety of unique single-family homes and there is a great golf course and country club available to their residents, attracting more wealthy people in the area. Highland Park is a smaller and safe Kilgore community, so many young families to choose live there. Powderhorn gives their residents a more urban feel compared to the rest with many shops and parks nearby. Many families relocate here to be close to the good schools in the area.

Kilgore, TX Weather

Most people move to Kilgore to avoid the cold. Kilgore has a humid subtropical climate, which means the city never gets too cold. The summers in Kilgore are hot with an average high temperature of 94°F and a low temperature of 74°F. Meanwhile, the winters are cool and wet with average highs of 57°F and lows of 38°F. Kilgore’s climate gets about 48 inches of rain a year, so the city gets a fair amount of precipitation year round.

Things to Do in Kilgore

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do in Kilgore, we’ve got you covered! Whether you want to explore the outside or learn about Kilgore’s rich history, we’ve found the most popular places to check out down below.

East Texas Oil Museum at Kilgore College


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Kilgore was home to the largest oil fields in the US when it was discovered and produced in the early 1930s. The East Texas Oil Museum uses dioramas, movies, and antiques to recreate the town and its people, habits, tools, and pastimes during the discovery of these oil fields. With hundreds of positive reviews on Google, this is such a fun thing to do with kids in Kilgore!

1301 S Henderson Blvd, Kilgore, TX 75662, (903) 983-8295

Creekside Trail

Creekside trail is a Kilgore park with beautiful hiking trails. You’ll step away from the playground and feel like you’ve entered a whole new world. It can get pretty wet and muddy when it rains, so this is one activity in Kilgore you should save for a warmer day. Just make sure to bring lots of water for the mile long trail.

Houston St, Kilgore, TX 75662

Kilgore, TX also has many convenient shopping areas, including The Shops on Main Kilgore, Universal Outlets Inc., and Kilgore Plaza.

Additional Things to do in Kilgore

  • World’s Richest Acre
  • Rangerette Showcase and Museum
  • Elder Lake

Kilgore Restaurants

Wondering where you can grab a bite to eat in Kilgore? There are many tasty restaurants in Kilgore to choose from, and we’ve found the most popular ones for you below!

The Back Porch


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This local bar and grille is the perfect date night for you and your partner if you’re craving classic American food. With options of burgers, salads, baked potatoes, fries, and more, there is something for everyone here! With hundreds of raving reviews on Google, this Kilgore restaurant is a must-try.

904 Broadway Blvd, Kilgore, TX 75662, (903) 984-8141

Bodacious Bar-B-Q

Bodacious Bar-B-Q has the best barbeque in Kilgore! The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and serves ham, turkey, pork, beef, ribs, and a variety of sides. Hundreds of reviews have been written complementing the delicious food and the friendly staff. If you’re searching for a good barbeque place, this restaurant exceeds the expectations of every Texas barbeque.

4521 TX-42, Kilgore, TX 75662, (903) 983-1421

Jobs in Kilgore, TX

The median household salary in Kilgore is $57,625. The majority of jobs found in Kilgore are in healthcare, manufacturing, and food service. Meanwhile, the highest paying jobs are in information, wholesale trade, and agriculture. You can find Kilgore Indeed jobs here.  Most residents work in Kilgore or in smaller cities close by since Kilgore isn’t near any big cities.The average commute time for residents in Kilgore is 22.4 minutes, which is short compared to the US average. However, some people are expected to travel to Dallas every so often for work, so click here for directions from Kilgore, TX to Dallas, TX, which is an hour and forty-five minutes away.

Schools in Kilgore, TX

There are many good schools in Kilgore to choose from. The most popular Kilgore schools are Sabine Elementary School, Kilgore Middle School, and Kilgore High School. These schools are well-known for their student’s preparedness and progress. There are also multiple private schools to pick from in the area, including Kilgore Primary School, Calvary Way Academy, and Sails Day Care.

Living in Kilgore Pros & Cons

  • Living in Kilgore is very affordable
  • Residents will experience hot summers and cool winters
  • The schools in Kilgore are rated to be only average on Greatschools

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