After planning your relocation to Longview for months, the big day has finally arrived. You have finished packing your bags, and the movers just drove off with the first load of furniture. Now, you simply have to unpack everything when you arrive at your home.

Before you get too excited, take a moment to see if you have finished everything on your to-do list. While everyone needs water and electricity, many people forget to set up their Longview city utilities. If you want to complete your move without a problem, you need to set up your utilities in Longview before you move to the new place.

Longview Electric Utilities | Vault Electricity

Setting up your Longview electric bill may be a bit different than you are used to if you previously lived in a different city or state. Unlike other areas, electricity isn’t provided by the city or a municipal company. Instead, you’ll have to choose between numerous competitive Longview electric companies, and some of these providers are more reliable than others.

When you get your utilities in Longview, Vault Electricity can help you determine which providers are reputable and a good value for their cost. This one-stop shop has reviews of the dozens of electric companies available in Longview, TX.

Electric utilities in Longview, TX

As you look for an electric provider, research and a comparison of reviews will be crucial to finding a company you can trust. Some companies say they charge one rate, but they have add-on fees or charge a completely different rate after your account has been started. Meanwhile, some of the businesses are fly-by-night companies and won’t be around to provide electricity for long.

How to Set Up Your Electricity With Vault Electricity

If you are ready to set up your Longview public utilities, Vault Electricity can help. Once you go to their website, compare plans until you find one to match your needs. Then, you can enroll online or call them by phone.

Paying Your Longview Power Bill

The way you pay your power bill will be determined by which company you choose. Because electricity companies have to spend money to make energy, they often have requirements like credit checks and security deposits. The profit margins are surprisingly slim in this industry, so many retail providers can’t afford to have unpaid bills.

In general, you will have to pay a higher rate if you have poor credit or want a provider who doesn’t require a deposit. Depending on where you go and your credit, you may have to pay additional fees because the electrical provider needs to protect their company from customers who don’t pay for their services.

Producers of electricity such as power plants and wind turbine operators sell the power they produce in the wholesale market.  Retail electricity providers such as TXU buy this power and resell it to their customers.

Contact Information for Longview Public Utilities | Vault Electricity

Longview Gas Utilities | CenterPoint Energy

Depending on your property, you may also need natural gas utilities in Longview. CenterPoint Energy originally began in 1866 under the name of the Houston Gas Light Company. Since it was founded, the company has specialized in natural gas and electricity distribution.


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Today, the company has expanded to serve more than 4.5 million residential and commercial customers in eight states. To carry out these sales, they maintain the meters, infrastructure, and wires for more than 2.5 customers in the Houston area. They are also capable of generating almost 1,300 megawatts of electricity in Indiana.

How to Set Up and Pay for Your Longview Gas With CenterPoint Energy

If you want to start your Longview utility billing with CenterPoint Energy, you can head to their website and submit a new request for service. Along with your personal information, they will need your move date and address. If you are required to submit a deposit, you will need to have your payment method handy.

You can quickly pay your bill by going to their online payment portal. The site lets you make a payment through your account or as a guest. While autopay is the easiest way to pay your bill, you can pay in person, by phone, and by mail as well.

To pay by phone, call CenterPoint Energy at (800) 259-5544. If you want to pay in person, you can find a local merchant in Longview and pay your bill there. You can also pay your bill by mail by sending your check or money order to:

PO Box 4671

Houston, TX


Contact Information for CenterPoint Energy

Longview Water Utilities | Longview Water Utilities

The next step in setting up your Longview city utilities will be your water services. Run by the City of Longview, the Longview Water Utilities department provides residents and businesses with clean water for their homes.

How to Set Up and Pay for Your Longview Water

To request a water hook-up or set up your account, you simply have to visit the website. You will need to include information like your phone number, move date, social security number, and photo identification.

Local pond in Longview, TX

If you want to pay your Longview water bill, you can also go online. You can pay your utilities in Longview using the eCare link on the city’s website. Residents can pay by phone by using their debit or credit card when they call (903) 237-1030.

The city tries to make paying your Longview utility billing in person as easy as possible at the City Hall address listed below in the contact information. You can also mail a check or money order to the following address:

City of Longview Water

P.O. Box 1952

Longview, TX 75606

Contact Information for Longview Water Utilities

Longview Trash & Sewer Utilities | City of Longview Solid Waste

The City of Longview Sanitation Department offers Longview trash services like bulky item collection, waste collection, brush collection, and recycling. If you need Longview sanitation services, this is who you’ll need to contact. By downloading the Longview Talks Trash app, you can also get regular updates on their services.

How to Set Up and Pay for Your Longview Garbage & Wastewater Bill

To start your Longview city utilities, you will need to move in and put out your trash the night before your neighborhood’s collection day. Find out your neighborhood’s collection date by searching for your location on their map.

Make sure you also read through the Sanitation Department’s rules and regulations to ensure you are following the proper procedures for your trash pickup in Longview.

Contact Information for City of Longview Solid Waste

Longview Internet Service Providers | Various

There are a number of internet providers in Longview, TX, so you should take some time to consider the types of plans and coverage you want.

AT&T Internet


  • Phone: (866) 383-3080


Get Your Longview Utilities Scheduled

Setting up your city utilities in Longview doesn’t have to be a challenge. By planning ahead and creating your account for Longview utilities, you can have everything completed before you move to this great city.

If you need help completing your relocation, the reliable Longview movers here at ICANN Moving Company can help you through options like free consultations, packing, and experienced moving teams. Give us a call today at (903) 714-0026 or complete the Request a Quote form on this page for a free Longview moving estimate!

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