Are you moving to Tyler, TX? If so, you’ll need to figure out all of your utilities, which is a pretty time consuming process. Your utilities are water, electric, gas, internet, and more. When you relocate somewhere new, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which companies to call and how to get everything switched over. Thankfully, we’ve done all the work for you so that you know exactly how to get your utilities set up! Check out what we’ve compiled in our utilities guide so you can get back to the important things–like scrolling on social media.

Tyler Water Utilities | City of Tyler & Southern Utilities Co.

When it comes to water, you have two different options living in Tyler. There is the City of Tyler and Southern Utilities Co. Depending on where you live in Tyler will determine which company you go with. However, they are both hard to contact online. Your best bet is to call them to set up your utilities. You can pay your bill online with both providers once you have set up your account.

How to set up your Tyler water utilities

To set up your water utilities with the City of Tyler, you’ll need to call them and give them information on the phone or visit them in person. Though their website can be found here, it doesn’t allow you to register online. Southern Utilities Co. doesn’t currently have a website, but once your account is set up, you can pay your bill online through a third-party page. To set up your utilities call them or visit in person.

Contact information for Tyler water

City of Tyler Water Department

511 W Locust St, Tyler, TX 75702

(903) 531-1230

Monday – Friday 8:00-5:00

Southern Utilities Co.

218 N Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX 75702

(903) 593-2588

Monday – Friday 7:30-4:30

Tyler Electric Utilities | TXU Energy, Cirro, & More

In Tyler, there are plenty of electric companies to choose from. In fact, you have nearly 20 electric companies that you can choose, and each of them offer different rates and packages. However, the two most popular are TXU Energy and Cirro. These two companies are well known within the Tyler area and all of Texas.

TXU Energy does both home and business energy, and they’re always offering promotions. What’s interesting is that they offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, so you can try out their service and decide if you like it. Their customer service has good reviews, and they don’t experience too many outages in the Tyler area.

Cirro energy is all throughout Texas. A lot of people in Tyler have used their service because they often have pretty cheap rates, and their contracts aren’t too long. You can usually sign up for a year contract, so you can decide whether you want to switch later on. They lock in your rate with your contract, which can be a good thing if energy prices go up.

The only bad thing about these two companies is that they don’t have offices in Tyler, so you will be dealing with phone and email to contact them.

How to set up your Tyler electric utilities

To sign up for utilities with TXU Energy, you can go to the website here. Then, choose if you’re a home, apartment, or business. It will pull up another screen where you answer questions about where you live and how much energy you use on average. After setting up your account, you can login to see your info and pay your bill.

For Cirro energy, you can go here. Again, go through the questions and fill them out until you have confirmed your plan. You can also use the log in online to see how much energy you’re using, what your bill is, and pay your bill.

Texas Electric Utilities contact information

TXU Energy

P.O. Box 7618 Tyler TX 75711-7618

(903) 657-8689

24 hours online

Cirro Energy

2745 Dallas Pkwy #200, Plano, TX 75093

(800) 692-4776

Monday – Friday 7:00-10:00

gas-utilities-tylerTyler Gas Utilities | Center Point Energy

When it comes to gas, everything is a little bit easier. Tyler has one gas company called Center Point Energy. It’s rated well and has good reviews, and the process to sign up with them couldn’t be easier. The prices are listed online and vary by area. For Tyler, the PGA is at 0.41151. For every dollar you spend with this company, it can be broken up into three parts. They don’t upcharge for the cost of gas, which is nice, but they do charge a service fee.

So, for example, if your bill was $1, then 42 cents would be the gas price, 49 cents would be the maintenance and service charge, and 9 cents would be Texas taxes.

How to set up your Center Point Energy account

Thankfully, it’s really easy to set up your online account! However, it’s important to notice that you need to do this seven days before you move in so that your gas is turned on when you move in. Go to their website and click start natural gas service. It’s under the customer service tab, and you can also find it here. From there, they will ask you for some more info about the home you’re moving into.

Center Point Energy Contact Info

Center Point Energy

116 Wigley St, Mineola, TX 75773


Tyler Internet Utilities | Spectrum

Though there are a few different internet companies to choose from in Tyler, the most popular one is Spectrum. Spectrum covers most of Tyler with internet speeds up to 100mpbs. It’s a cable connection, so once you set it up, you’ll need to have a technician come to your home and set it up. The process takes about two to three hours, and you can expect a technician to come to your home within a week of calling. The prices start at $49.99 a month and go up to $124.97 a month depending on the package that you choose.

How to set up your Tyler internet

You can set up your account online here or by phone. From there, you’ll enter in your address to make sure that Spectrum covers your area. Then, you can choose the rate of your plan. Depending on how many devices you have, how quick of speeds you need, and when you need it installed, you’ll get a price that works for you. Some plans are cheaper if you enroll in a contract, which lasts one or two years.

Spectrum Contact Information


4520 Stonewall St, Greenville, TX 75401


Monday-Friday 9:00 – 6:00

Get Your Tyler Utilities Activated

Without your utilities, you’re not living! When it comes to living comfortably, you’ll need your utilities as soon as you move in. Though it’s not all of the utilities you need, the above ones are a great place to start. Whether this is your very first home or your last, you know the importance of having all of your utilities set up.

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